Hip joint prosthetic implant display box


- Wood profile
- Balsa wood
- DAS Pronto modelling clay

- Kapaline foam board

- Vallejo paints varnishes, Van Gogh oils, Pledge acrylic floor care...

Prosthetic implant made of Methyl methacrylate cement (acrylate polymer); Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene and titanium.


WLToys V911 Pro

A fun electric remote-controlled helicopter by chinese manufacturer WL Toys. Easily maneuverable and challenging to play with, an excellent choice for a beginner. Quite affordable through Banggood, a trustworthy shopping site for electronics toys, Arduino components, gadgest, etc.


The transmitter (costing around €15 when bought alone), is compatible not only with other vehicles from the same brand but also with Frysky/Hobbyking receivers, to which one can connect different motors and servos, allowing the user to keep one transmitter for several planes/helis. However, for a more complex entry-level transmitter, the Walkera Devo 7 and the Turnigy 9x would be better choices.

The first video shows my first outdoors flight with the heli; the next video shows a flight of a scratch-build, 70cm wingspan glider built by myslef from insulation foam (Roofmate), using the  receiver from a WL Toys F939 plane (also purchased through Banggood).

Flight 3 - OSG 27 inch One Sheet Glider 70x35 cm 45gram F939 motor gearbox prop receiver V911 tx from FBMinis on Vimeo.

FBMinis FB72013 Abandoned Kubelwagen

After the oil washes, I gave the parts a coat of Vallejo Model Air matt varnish. This didn't go very well, everything gained a white-ish hue and hide all the nuances I had done with the oils. Thin coat even, I don't understand what went wrong. Ended up applying the static grass/flock and seal it all with Testor Dullcoat, the best matt varnish I've came across and which I probably wont be replacing with water based varnish after all..

The end!

It's also on sale on ebay:

FBMinis FB72013 Abandoned Kubelwagen

Bought that flesh tone but it's too light, ended up using that brown and red+yellow to get something more natural to my eye. Vallejo 886+920 for the tunic and 830 for the pants looked good to me this time, my painting method is far from being rigid.

Anyway, comparing my results to some paintjobs at Benno's Figure Forum, I know this might not be that great but I had a lot of fun as usual.

And here are some links with pics of uniforms and other reference:

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