Extratech BA-64G part 1-2

This kit was offered by a friend in September 2007, if I recall correctly. What compeled me to start building it immediately was mostly its sleek look and the fact that I'd never built a Soviet vehicle before.
The kit has a few problems that require some work but I was motivated, so that didn't put me off. You can read a quick review here (don't forget to browse the rest of this very useful site):


More information about the BA-64 can be found in the following sites:




You can also find information about this railway conversion in the above mentioned sites.

The construction started with the removal of the main parts from their casting blocks with a modeling saw. The casting is perfect, no bubbles, as usual from Extratech, but the main body suffers from some geometric problems. Some cutting and sanding was needed and in the end it actually looked like a BA-64. After being primed, some mistakes were sanded off and everything was ready to receive the typical Russian Green, mixed from Tamiya Nato Green and Desert Yellow acrylic colors. The paint job was sealed with acrylic floor wax, some washes were given using oil paints and Modelmaster Flat Lacquer was used as a final matt coat.

As you can see, I had to use some spacers to correct the distance between the wheels, according to scale plans:


I also scratch-built some details like the exhaust, the from grill and some handles:


Mr Surfacer 500 diluted with lacquer thinner was used as a primer. The green was painted with Tamiya colors:


A little base was needed, therefore, I made a simple frame from a strip of wood with a nice profile and some balsa wood too. The rails were made from Evergreen I-beams (item #273)and the ground was made with wall spackle:


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