WCM U-boat Type VIIC turm I 1/400

Ok, this is a WCM kit (Warszawskie Centrum Modelarskie), that I bought and built a couple of years ago. It's cheap, offers a nice set of photo-etched parts and is reasonably priced, a quick weekend project, if you like.


This is how it looks built directly out of the box:


Mirage also offers a few u-boat kits in this scale but I believe they're not as detailed (might be more accurate though). Squadron sells photo-etched accessories for these. Here are some photos of built Mirage kits:


There's a vast bibliography about these machines and also a few good websites, namely:


Schiffer - German U-Boat Type VII - Grey Wolves of the Sea
Conway - Anatomy of the Ship. The Type VII U-boat
Ian_Allan - Wolfpacks at War - The U-Boat Experience in World War II
Chatham Publishing - U-Boat War Patrol - The Hidden Photographic Diary of U564
Spearhead 07 - 7th U-Boat Flotilla - Dönitz's Atlantic Wolves
Warship Pictorial 27 - Kriegsmarine Type VII U-Boot
Histoire & Collections - Uboote - 1935-45 The History Of The Kriegsmarine Uboats

The following sites are a great help to understand how these machines were painted and to learn how to build and accurate replica:


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