Academy Jeep Torres Vedras Firefighters

This is an Academy Jeep from their Ground Vehicles vol. 1 box. It'll be built as a firemen command car from the 70s, used by the city/municipality of Torres Vedras, Portugal.

This vehicle was bought from the army on the 20th of April of 1970.


It's now in the firemen's museum as a tribute to José Joaquim de Miranda, one of the founders of this corporation, who died on the 11th day of October of 1951


The kit requires some work but it may be built as a nice replica. The Airfix offering is much better but I still have a few Academy kits around that I want to use instead of letting them rot in their boxes.

The majority of the work consisted in adjusting parts fitting and detail, besides cutting here and there to make it look like "the real thing". I've started to detail it with stretched sprue, Evergreen plastic sheet, copper wire and aluminium foil. I haven't concentrated my work in any specific areas, I've just been fixing things as I go along..


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