The skinny-dipping seven

Ok, the base received a coat of automotive primer to protect the surface from brush strokes (since it was made of wall spackle, it would have melt otherwise), and them I tried to paint everything by hand, instead of using the airbrush. Vallejo paints are great for this but there's some training required to get those smooth fading effects and so on, that's why the paintjob is only so so.


The water portion will receive several gloss coats using Future acrylic floor wax and them I'll add some vegetation.

I've already started to work on this and I'll be using a sort of thread that is mostly used by plumbers (as a sealer in screwing joints), or to create tapestry, called fio de sisal. I dyed it green a little using Tamiya paints diluted with alcohol (water didn't work, it just got the thread soaked).


First,the faces where given a really thin coat of primer, just to check for something to fill or sand. Then they were given a coat of white using the airbrush and, after that, I brushed the flesh colour. After about 20 min, I gave them a wash of burnt sienna oil paint and left to dry overnight. The next day I applied some points of titanium white with a 10/0 brush, spreading them gently to get a fading finish that works as an highlight.


More soon, I hope!

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