Atlantic Wall Bunker in Heuqueville

Interesting site with geographical details about this region. The following page shows 3 photos of this bunker taken within a period of 4 years, showing the continuous erosion of the terrain.

Academy Jeep Torres Vedras Firefighters

Added steering-wheel, windshield-wiper mechanism, cable and a couple more things. It's really almost finished and ready for paint...


128mm Flak 40 Extratech 1/72


Atlantic Wall Bunker in Heuqueville

Another useful link:

After a lot of time googling, this was the best way I found to determine the height of the cliff. I've decided to go with the value of the "elevation above mean sea level" that I found through Earth Tools:

So 80 metres will be 55 centimetres in 1/144, which is quite acceptable and will allow me to use N Scale figures. I'll probably try to model this bunker as it is today, being visited by bunker enthusiasts.

UPDATE: According to topographic charts by the French Geography Institute, the bunker is actually 90 metres above sea level.

Atlantic Wall Bunker in Heuqueville

Photos of the 3D model created with Google Sketchup. Contact me if you are interested in using my Sketchup file.


Atlantic Wall Bunker in Heuqueville

The photos I've used:


Atlantic Wall Bunker in Heuqueville

Starting yet another project. This time it's a german observation bunker that can still be found in Heuqueville, France, built as part of the Atlantikwall between 1942 and 1944.

Although there are hundreds of plans for different bunkers, this one was a "special construction", a field adaptation, an improvisation by the engineers, taking in account the type of terrain and it's the purpose.

I was able to gather quite a few photos that have allowed me to build a 3D model in Google Sketchup. I'll use this model as reference when I attempt to build a scale replica, probably in 1/144 scale or smaller. I intend to build a section of the coast line that will include sea, beach, cliff and field.

The following sites have been most helpful: