Atlantic Wall Bunker in Heuqueville

Starting yet another project. This time it's a german observation bunker that can still be found in Heuqueville, France, built as part of the Atlantikwall between 1942 and 1944.

Although there are hundreds of plans for different bunkers, this one was a "special construction", a field adaptation, an improvisation by the engineers, taking in account the type of terrain and it's the purpose.

I was able to gather quite a few photos that have allowed me to build a 3D model in Google Sketchup. I'll use this model as reference when I attempt to build a scale replica, probably in 1/144 scale or smaller. I intend to build a section of the coast line that will include sea, beach, cliff and field.

The following sites have been most helpful:

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Ricky Peterson said...

Thanks for this site. Atlantikwall is also referred as the Atlantic wall in English. construction of the wall started in the year 1942. All history of Atlantikwall is in detail are here. best time to visit the city is May to mid-July and then September as well as October, in the month of december visit to the wall is closed. For more details refer Atlantic wall ww2