Academy Jeep Torres Vedras Firefighters

Well, the plastic surgery is nearly completed, all that's left is some more touch-ups before primer and then on to the painting stage.

Some of the changes made to the original Academy kit:

-Re-shaped tyres and detailed wheel rims;
-New exhaust made of plastic and copper wire;
-New headlights, turn indicators and firemen symbol added to the grill;
-Reshaped wind-shield, added some details as well, like the rear-view mirror and the wind-shield wiping mechanism;
-Modified engine hood with the addition of the BV-TV symbol made of wire and Tamiya putty shaped with acetone and Tamiya Extra Thin glue.
-New steering-wheels made of coper wire, new gear-shift levers, modified seat cushions;
-Modified rear-body with the addition of the framing bearing the BV-TV letters(Bombeiros Voluntários de Torres Vedras), made of wire;
-Modified spare wheels and spare-wheel mounting mechanism.


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