The Nativity - Odemars

This diorama was started last year but, for some reason, I lost interest and didn't finish it on time. Christmas is coming again and I've decided to give it another go, paint the figures, make the rest of the terrain and move a project from the workbench to the display shelves.

The figures are from, the now defunct, Odemars - as usual in 1/72 (or 25mm) scale. They were cleaned with a fresh nº11 blade, primed with white glue diluted with water (to give the paint something to stick to, since they're made of soft plastic), and also received a white coat to turn the colours more vivid. The flesh was painted with a mix of Vallejo paints and "washed" with diluted oil paint to give depth.


While doing some research about the Nativity, I came across a painting by Giorgione that served as main inspiration:

To create the base, I used balsa wood and styrofoam cut with a hot-wire cutter and a shaving razor.


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