Pal 9000 - Readymech


Got it from here:

It's about 7 cm tall, 3 inches..


Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do,
I'm half crazy all for the love of you.
It won't be a stylish marriage -
I can't afford a carriage,
But you'd look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two.

FBMinis FB72011 Inspectors

I created these figures to depict german inspectors evaluating the performance of the Kubel on rails during testing:


I had to search for reference before I actually started to sculpt anything. The internet, once again, proved to be an invaluable resource of information and I ended up finding the works of artists like Andrew Loomis, besides tips from experienced small-scale enthusiasts, that have been helping me a great deal.

I look forward to sculpt more figures in the future, it's time well spent and I'll develop a set of skills that will allow me to create original add-ons to my dioramas.

Here's a list of the reference I most often use:

Cool Mini Or Not shares various links that will take you to specific topics or other sites from which you can take precious bits of information. I found this site particularly helpful:

Spanish-Team forum also has a section devoted to sculpting minis:

This guide will help you choose what putty that will me more adequate to you. From my experience, I highly recommend Magic Sculp, as it's fine and has good consistency during sculpting and once cured.

Andrew Loomis books helped me to acquire a sense of size and proportion of the human body. I believe the more I'll experiment, the easier it'll become to sculpt it's basic shape and imagine how to wrap the clothes around it, in a realistic way.

Another three books that provide numerous drawings to use as quick reference, besides pages and pages of theory about human anatomy:

First, I block the wire with Milliput; on the next session, I try to create the overall shape with Magic Sculpt; finally, I try to shape it better by scraping the putty with a hobby knife, then add small amounts of putty for the details, drape, folds...





FB72005 Vw Typ 157 Kubelwagen



1. Italeri 1/72 Kubelwagen
2. FBMinis FB72005 Vw Typ 157 Kubelwagen conversion

Here's an inbox review and an out-of-the-box construction of the Italeri offering:

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FBMinis conversion:



This was supposed to be a quick build but I ended up adding a lot of bits. I started with the doors inside detail, seats, steering wheel, parking brake, gear shifter, notek lights, exhausts and moved on to the front and rear axles, license plate and so on. Excess resin being sanded off:


The model was primed with Duplicolor automotive primer using an airbrush, then it receive a first layer of black to create some sense of depth to the following yellow layer. This was mixed from Tamiya's desert yellow, buff and white, protected by a coat of floor wax before the weathering washes with raw umber+black oil paints. The details were painted with Vallejo ModelColor paints.


I decided to add some figures to this project, just to put the car in context. Since this was a prototype, I thought showing 2 or 3 figures inspecting it would give a better sense of what's happening. The finished figure you can see here, was created using a plastic-figure core with copper-wire arms, all covered with Magic Sculpt using toothpicks shaped to my desire. Magic Sculpt is the best material I've encountered for this job: very fine, dries in a couple of hours, can be smoothed with rubbing-alcohol and a paintbrush...


These are some of the photos I used as reference: