FB72004 Kleine Flossack 34


FB72004 is comprised of two(2) German light rubber boats and 2 pairs of paddles.

You can find some photos of the real boat in restored condition here:


This kind of boat saw intensive action during the invasion of France (crossing of the Meuse river),for example. There are a few photos showing it, here is a couple:

I found them online but I believe I've seen the first two in some Squadron Signal book.

This is a good site about the Pioneers. Here you will find info about the boats, the men and their gear:



Since there aren't any cool looking figures to use as paddlers,I'd recommend converting these Preiser's:



I've been painting a couple of boats for future projects. They had been primed with automotive gray primer already, then they were airbrushed with a couple of coats of dark gray for the rubber color and all it was left was to brush-paint the detail with Vallejo water based paints. These paints benefit from the addition of a little dot of dishwasher soap or window cleaner to improve flow. I usually seal them with floor wax like Future of Klear to project them from the subsequent oil "washes".


The one on the left already received a coat of floor wax, whereas the one on the right hasn't.

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