FBMinis FB72011 Inspectors

I created these figures to depict german inspectors evaluating the performance of the Kubel on rails during testing:


I had to search for reference before I actually started to sculpt anything. The internet, once again, proved to be an invaluable resource of information and I ended up finding the works of artists like Andrew Loomis, besides tips from experienced small-scale enthusiasts, that have been helping me a great deal.

I look forward to sculpt more figures in the future, it's time well spent and I'll develop a set of skills that will allow me to create original add-ons to my dioramas.

Here's a list of the reference I most often use:


Cool Mini Or Not shares various links that will take you to specific topics or other sites from which you can take precious bits of information. I found this site particularly helpful:


Spanish-Team forum also has a section devoted to sculpting minis:


This guide will help you choose what putty that will me more adequate to you. From my experience, I highly recommend Magic Sculp, as it's fine and has good consistency during sculpting and once cured.


Andrew Loomis books helped me to acquire a sense of size and proportion of the human body. I believe the more I'll experiment, the easier it'll become to sculpt it's basic shape and imagine how to wrap the clothes around it, in a realistic way.


Another three books that provide numerous drawings to use as quick reference, besides pages and pages of theory about human anatomy:




First, I block the wire with Milliput; on the next session, I try to create the overall shape with Magic Sculpt; finally, I try to shape it better by scraping the putty with a hobby knife, then add small amounts of putty for the details, drape, folds...





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