The Nativity - Odemars


After a few coats of Coloworks Automotive Primer, this scene is ready to receive some paint. This time, I'll be attempting to do it with Vallejo acrylics applied with paintbrushes instead of using the airbrush (mine's broken at the moment). It will be a chance to learn more about mixing colours and colour theory, something that I'm not very confortable with, as I spend more time building that painting...

The Nativity - Odemars

Well, I think this is it: I'm going to have this piece finished in time for Christmas :)

Recent changes:

Tree: rolled some strands of copper wire around the trunk to add some thickness; covered it with bathroom tile glue, as this adhesive has a nice texture and dries fast; added some pillow fibre to look like thin branches.

Base: covered everything with spackling paste with the help of a brush; sprinkled some fine dust and dirt.