Czech Bunker "Light object mark. 37 type E"

Here's another one from 2005 that I decided to finish. The inspiration came from this photo:


Here's how I did it back then:


This is how it looks today, just waiting for figures:


German Ammunition Bunker Attack

This one was started in 2005, one of my very first efforts at diorama building. It has stayed on the shelf until now, it's time to finish it and move on!

The inspiration came from a PN Sud Modelisme kit that I came across with at the time:

Here's what I built back then, how it looked like until I picked it up again recently:


The Nativity - Odemars

As you can see, I've just painted it black with Tamiya Flat Black. This will serve as an undercoat for the upcoming colours. I'll try to give it some life tomorrow.