DKM U-Boat Type VIIc 1941 - Hobbyboss 1/700


Belly Tank Wacky Racer Hot Rod

The engine was given some very diluted coats of Vallejo black with a bit of red-brown, just to make it dirty-looking. Some oil washes followed and this was how it looked:


This is how it looks now with some more oil washes and general weathering using dry pastel dust.

It still lacks a pilot, the steering wheel and a base.

DKM U-Boat Type VIIc 1941 - Hobbyboss 1/700

Base colours have been airbrushed. I've used Tamiya german-grey, red-brown and white. Now I'll have to paint some details with Vallejo and weathering with oil paints will be next : )

DKM U-Boat Type VIIc 1941 - Hobbyboss 1/700,

The Wolf Pack: A Collection Of U-Boat Modelling Articles Presented courtesy of Accurate Model Parts, The Wolf Pack is a collection of research articles by AMP’s Dougie Martindale. Each article covers a subject of specific interest to a modeller building the 1/72nd Revell U-boat. Topics range from U-boat colours to insignia to the multitude of modifications made to the Type VII U-boat. Also included is a build article by AMP’s Wink Grise*. Contains:
  • Kriegsmarine U-Boat Colours & Markings
  • Type VIIC Free-Flooding Vent Patterns (updated version)
  • Type VII U-Boat Modifications
  • The Snorting Bull Insignia
  • U 96 & The Laughing Sawfish
  • German U-Boat Victory Pennants
  • U-Boat Model Kits & Accessories
  • Super-detailing Revell&rsquos 1/72nd Type VIIC U-Boat*
  • Revell Type VIIC Checklist

DKM U-Boat Type VIIc 1941 - Hobbyboss 1/700,

Built using the spare tower that came in the box:

DKM U-Boat Type VIIc 1941 - Hobbyboss 1/700,

Kriegsmarine U-Boat Colours & Markings (Part 2) - Doug Martindale

Camouflage patterns

Camouflage schemes were applied to a number of U-boats. Though it was not common, camouflage had been used in the U-boat fleet before the outbreak of war (U 25, U 33 and U 40 are three such examples). Though the use of camouflage gradually diminished during 1943, when U-boats were forced to spend most of a patrol submerged, a few still sported schemes in 1944.

Often this camouflage would consist of dark grey stripes, bands, patches, lines or jagged splotches over a lighter grey. Sometimes the camouflage would extend over the whole of the upper hull and conning tower, whereas in other cases the camouflage was limited to the conning tower only. Though feathered edges were used in the sprayed-on wavy striped camouflage schemes, it was much more usual for hard edges and straight lines to be used. Below is a list of the assorted styles of camouflage schemes that were seen upon U-boats of differing types. All schemes, other than those specified, had hard edges.

DKM U-Boat Type VIIc 1941 - Hobbyboss 1/700,

Kriegsmarine U-Boat Colours & Markings (Part 1) - Doug Martindale


The following article attempts to provide a general guide to the colours used upon the German U-boats of the Second World War. It was published complete with numerous photographs in the September 2004, December 2004 and March 2005 issues of the SubCommittee Report. This is a quarterly magazine published by the SubCommittee, a not-for-profit organisation of 892 members worldwide who share an interest in submarines, primarily the building of static and radio-controlled submarine models. Their website can be found at

Note: A 935KB pdf of this article (with 14 period colour photos) can be downloaded from -

In the course of researching this article, two editions (November 1941 and July 1944) of Allgemeinen Baubestimmungen (Building Regulations Order) Nr. 31 - a detailed painting regulation which specified the paints that were to be applied to Kriegsmarine vessels - were kindly sent to me by David E. Brown. Primary data was gleamed wherever possible from these editions, and the U-boat section of the March 1940 edition, of this regulation. I endeavoured to find more primary sources by requesting copies of other regulations from the Bundesarchiv, but my request did not bear fruit. I also corresponded with gentlemen from the RAL Institute, Snyder & Short Enterprises and authors who have published material in relation to Kriegsmarine paint colours.

DKM U-Boat Type VIIc 1941 - Hobbyboss 1/700,

Some more sites with information regarding Kriegsmarine camouflage and colours:

Informative websites with photogrpahs and/or information about Kriegsmarine U-boats can be found at:
Articles dealing with the colours used upon German naval vessels can be found at -
The Snyder & Short Enterprises paint chip cards canbe found at - 
The Colourcoats naval range of enamel paints can be found at the White Ensign Models link above.
The JPS Modell range of acrylic paints can be found at -
Two editions of the building regulations form Nr. 31, which specifies the application of paints upon U-boats, can be found at –
Colour refenernce charts can be found at -

DKM U-Boat Type VIIc 1941 - Hobbyboss 1/700

Here's what I've done so far. I think it's ready to be painted bt I'm still thinking about how the base will be like...

This one's for inspiration:

DKM U-Boat Type VIIc 1941 - Hobbyboss 1/700

Yet another project, this time a really tiny kit: a Kriegsmarine Type VIIC boat, by Hobbyboss, in 1/700 scale.

As you can see byclicking here, I've already built a 1/400 scale kit of this u-boat, which still is waiting for paint. However, upon opening the box, I just couldn't resist and brought it with me! Here are a few links showing what's inside it and how other modellers built this machine:

Belly Tank Wacky Racer

- Primed with Duplicolor car primer;
- Painted with Vallejo Modelcolor Silver diluted with Tamiya X-20A

Belly Tank Wacky Racer

Everyone who builds small scale models eventually ends up with leftover parts, whether from projects that go wrong or extra-parts that came with the kits. Our spares-box might come in handy to a colleague that accidentally lost a part from his kit but it might also become a source of fun: there are so many parts in there, one might actually be able to build something out of them!

Some inspiration came from here: