DKM U-Boat Type VIIc 1941 - Hobbyboss 1/700,

The Wolf Pack: A Collection Of U-Boat Modelling Articles Presented courtesy of Accurate Model Parts, The Wolf Pack is a collection of research articles by AMP’s Dougie Martindale. Each article covers a subject of specific interest to a modeller building the 1/72nd Revell U-boat. Topics range from U-boat colours to insignia to the multitude of modifications made to the Type VII U-boat. Also included is a build article by AMP’s Wink Grise*. Contains:
  • Kriegsmarine U-Boat Colours & Markings
  • Type VIIC Free-Flooding Vent Patterns (updated version)
  • Type VII U-Boat Modifications
  • The Snorting Bull Insignia
  • U 96 & The Laughing Sawfish
  • German U-Boat Victory Pennants
  • U-Boat Model Kits & Accessories
  • Super-detailing Revell&rsquos 1/72nd Type VIIC U-Boat*
  • Revell Type VIIC Checklist

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