Airfix Mk II Male Lusitania - Arras 1917

Recently, I was contacted by the grandson of the commander of this WWI tank! Coincidently, he found the step-by-step construction  report I left on Landships Forum and asked me about the provenience of the reference photos I used (I found them through Google Images therefore I'm not able to give credit to the owners).


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I have only just found this old post of yours, but am so glad I did. The Lusitania ( or the avenging Lusitania, to give her her full name was commanded my grandfather, at the time temporary second lieutenant Charles Weber. He received an MC for his actions at Vimy Ridge. ( see ) The first of your two photos is available from the Tank museum at bovington, but I've never seen the second before. Any idea where I can get a quality print ?
Chris Weber.

Hi Tank3
I'm a little light on good information, but I'll tell you what I can.
My Grandfather was a member of the Welch regiment on secondment to C Battalion Heavy  Machine Gun Corps in April 1917 ( The Royal Tank Corps did not come into existence until July ) His sergeant was Sgt. Latham, but I have no other crew details. On April 9th the Lusitania assisted stalled troops at Railway Triangle east of Arras, enabling that objective to be taken. The Lusitania broke down with a magneto failure, and had to be left on the battlfield, where she was destroyed by British gunfire the following day. Excellent description of the action in "The shadow of Vimy Ridge", and another at
I have his sword, recently restored to parade ground condition.

The Internet is just fantastic on how it brakes the limits of time and space : )

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That´s lovely...even more so considering it´s an Airfix model..