This post is about Aztek airbrushes.

I have owned one since 2002 but little have I used it, in favour of a Badger 100G. The Aztek A470 broke after little use, due to my poor skills and Testors misguiding advertisement and I ended up buying a Badger.

Only recently I decided to contact Testors to activate the warranty, leading to a direct replacement of the damaged airbrush by a new A470 (great service!). This means I'm going to give it another try, this time backup up by the experience I gained from using an airbrush for all these years.

I googled a bit, searching for tutorials and how-to's, wanting to see some other people's works done with this airbrush. I ended up on this Youtube channel with a great set of videos demonstarting the potencial of it: 

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Warren Zoell said...

I use a VL Paasche. It's a real workhorse. You can drive a tank over it and it will still work. Plus it's very jury riggable.