The Great Wave off Kanagawa Diorama

The will to try Rasterbator in conjunction with the interest in ukiyo-e, gave way to this new project. Rasterator is a popular free program that enables anyone with an internet connection and a printer to create a poster through "tiled printing". A tiled printing program overlays a grid on the printed image in which each cell (or tile) is the size of a printed page and then prints each tile. A person can then arrange the tiles to reconstruct the full image. Tiled printing has been widespread since the days of mainframe computers. Programs were available to convert images to ASCII art that, when printed large enough and viewed sufficiently far away, appeared to be smoothly shaded. Modern software may use halftoning to achieve a similar effect.

The Rasterbator is very easy to use. You can either upload a file from your computer or use any file that is publicly available in the Internet. After you have cropped the image and selected a desired size, the rasterbated image will be sent to you as an easily printable pdf file. They won't look precisely like the original, and will instead have a kind of "arty" feel with a very moody, atmospheric look.You'll then have to assemble the final image by pasting together the individual pages.

Run the program, choose the photo you want to print, and then select your options, such as the number of pages you want the image to be composed of. (The more pages, the larger the image.) The Rasterbator then goes to work, and launches Adobe Reader so that you can print out the pages. Select your printing options in Adobe Reader, print out the pages, and then assemble the final piece.

When printing the pages in Adobe Acrobat, make sure to choose "Fit to paper" in the Page Scaling options; otherwise it won't work properly. And if you decide to print using horizontal alignment, make sure to select "Auto-Rotate" and "Center" Again, though, you'll need to test the settings yourself, to see which works best for your printers and images.

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Blitzspear said...

That looks awsome i'm going to have to give that a go.