HMS Astute - Hobbyboss 1/700

A couple more links to use as reference. These show experiments with clear resin, the products and techniques involved.

Some points to consider, study and plan:

- The container should be non-porous and should not leak.
- Polyethylene molds are recommended but if the size isn't suitable, we should choose another material and run some tests.
- The final piece needs to come off easily. Mold release should/can be used.
- The resin's curing process releases heat.To avoid damaging the parts, they should be coated with an acrylic varnish and the resin should be poured in layers.


Erhntly said...

realistic !!!
happy new year.

Remco said...

Awesome result, so realistic!
Wish I had the skils to make this.
The sherman is my favorite!