WCM U-boat Type VIIC turm I 1/400

Ok, this one is finally finished.

Waves done with Acrylic Gel Medium (Gloss) and a tiny drop of Vallejo acrylic white paint. Sealed everything with Modelmaster Gloss Lacquer and some areas with Testors Dullcoat.

I might give the sea another gloss coat, what do you think?


fourier ng said...

But please get a better camera.

Remco said...

It turned out the way I toucht it would be: SUPER!
My compliments, the sea looks also so good.
A deep respect here!

Greetings Remco

Remco said...

WOW it turned out the way I tought it would: SUPER!
Also the water looks so realistic, my compliments on the result!

Greetings Remco

Warren Zoell said...

Amazing!! Very very well done!!

Geminian said...

Well done young sir. It looks fantastic. Water is always very hard to make look realistic, but you have nailed it BIG TIME.

fbminis said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I will try to take better photos during the weekend.