USS Gato SS-212 1941 1/700 Hobbyboss

I forgot to post the final shots of this project, here they are.

HMS Astute - Hobbyboss 1/700

This project will no longer be finished, as the results after pouring all the resin  weren't the best and I ended up sending everything to the trash out of frustration.

The problems I found working with this polyester clear resin:

- the submarine was varnished with a semi-gloss acrylic varnish, you could see an irrealistic demarcation between the surface of the sub and the "water". I believe this could have been minimized with a stronger gloss coat.
- heat during polimerization attacked the edges of small most plastic parts. The resin was poured in thin layer but this even happened on parts that were barely submerged. The solution might only be to use an epoxy-resin next time, which won't release as much heat.
- The resin in countact with the walls of the mold cured in a very uneven way, it would have to be sanded heavily and polished to acquire that see-through look. I believe the solution would be to use some heavy polystyrene or acrylic plastic to build the mold.
- When tainting the resin with Tamiya paints (or any other), it's difficult to match their opacity, as a single extra drop produces quite a difference.
- It's important to pour each layer before the preceding one has cured completely, in order for them to "blend".
- It's almost impossible not to get some bubbles trapped while the resin cures. Carefull pouring and a toothpick will help getting rid of the majority but it's also important to use less catalyst and let the resin cure very slowly (this will give time for the bubbles to burst naturaly but will also reduce the generated heat).

If you're interest in reading a bit about polymers, these books will provide a solid introduction:

Also, if you want to see how the real Astute was built:

Lenin and Gebirgsjager

...And a nice little pedestal was made of plastic sheet and balsa wood covered with Tamiya putty.

Lenin and Gebirgsjager

A quick sculpt using plastiline, just to get a sense of the relative proportions. It looks like it should make it slightly smaller...

And another link, this one to an album with over 8000 photos of Lenin statues.

Lenin and Gebirgsjager

World War II photo depicting a Gebirgsjager sitting on top of a bust (so it seems to me) of Vladimir Lenin. I'm only interested in the aesthetically aspect of the scene and will try to build something similar in 1/72.

The destruction of statues like these took place frequently as the german army advanced through Europe.

More photos can be found here:


Mould Making Resin Casting and Others

Preparing for a new small project. Click the images below to access some great tutorials on how to draw and sculpt figures: