WLToys V911 Pro

A fun electric remote-controlled helicopter by chinese manufacturer WL Toys. Easily maneuverable and challenging to play with, an excellent choice for a beginner. Quite affordable through Banggood, a trustworthy shopping site for electronics toys, Arduino components, gadgest, etc.


The transmitter (costing around €15 when bought alone), is compatible not only with other vehicles from the same brand but also with Frysky/Hobbyking receivers, to which one can connect different motors and servos, allowing the user to keep one transmitter for several planes/helis. However, for a more complex entry-level transmitter, the Walkera Devo 7 and the Turnigy 9x would be better choices.

The first video shows my first outdoors flight with the heli; the next video shows a flight of a scratch-build, 70cm wingspan glider built by myslef from insulation foam (Roofmate), using the  receiver from a WL Toys F939 plane (also purchased through Banggood).

Flight 3 - OSG 27 inch One Sheet Glider 70x35 cm 45gram F939 motor gearbox prop receiver V911 tx from FBMinis on Vimeo.

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